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Finding Jesus in Judaism

An in-depth look at the Jewish faith from their basic beliefs about God, sin, the coming of the Messiah, the afterlife, the Torah, Talmud, and more, to the history of the "Everlasting Remnant" from biblical times into the future according to Scripture.  Questions about why Jews don't believe in Jesus, their skepticism about Christianity are addressed, as well as a look at the Jewish customs and practices, including the synagogue and its history.  Woven throughout the book is the foreshadowing of Jesus all through Scripture, as Elaine addresses the Jewish feasts, Sabbath, the Tabernacle, and certain Jewish life cycle events.  The author finishes by giving a clear explanation of ways to share your faith with the Jewish people, concluding with her own journey from practicing Judaism to coming face-to-face with Jesus the Messiah.  This book challenges and equips believers to share with their Jewish friends they can still be Jewish and believe in Jesus.

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