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Updated: Apr 2

The Jewish people will be observing Purim this year beginning at sundown on March 23rd and ending at sundown on March 24th.

Here’s an excerpt from Finding Jesus in Judaism on the festival of Purim:

Read the story of Esther! This is also a joyous holiday, once again celebrating the remnant of the Jews that were saved when the evil Haman plotted to destroy the Jews. Queen Esther was the heroine of this story, remaining faithful to God and trusting Him to use her, to save her people, the Jews.

Remember that Haman cast “Purim” (lots) to decide on the day the Jews would be destroyed. Even though God’s name is not mentioned in this story, He remained faithful to His people and spared them annihilation.

The modern observance of Purim in the synagogue is to listen to the story of Purim being read or sung by the rabbi from the “Megillah” (a special scroll containing the book of Esther). Every time the name “Haman” is sung, the congregants drown out Haman’s name with “groggers” (noisemakers) or anything that makes noise. We also eat “Hamantaschen,” which are three-cornered sweet pastries with poppy seeds or jelly in the middle. You can learn more about the history of Hamantaschen in Chapter 13.

Purim is really a children’s holiday. There are carnivals, and dancing and singing, as the Jewish people celebrate their victory over annihilation once again. There are also Purim plays put on by the children, with the characters of Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus, Haman, retelling the story of Purim. Dressing up in costumes of the characters is also a custom.

It was always one of my favorite holidays as I have fond memories of playing games at the carnivals and dressing up as Queen Esther (my Hebrew name being Esther).

New Testament Fulfillment: Just as God spared the Jews physically, we as believers can rejoice that He saved us spiritually from death! This should remind us to remain faithful to God, trusting Him to use us to share how the Messiah can save others spiritually!

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