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 Elaine Jacobs 


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Why Jewish people don't believe in Jesus, Jewish beliefs and customs, the life cycle, the eternal remnant, to the unbelievable foreshadowing of Jesus in the feasts, Tabernacle, and sacrifices commanded by God.  You'll be able to confidently share your faith from a Jewish perspective.


"If God has given you a love for His Chosen People, you will truly enjoy reading this book.  The way Jesus is woven through the feasts, traditions, and symbolism, is absolutely beautiful.  Perhaps you need to develop a deeper understanding of the Jewish people and their customs and traditions.  Perhaps you are looking for a way to connect with a Jewish friend and share Christ as Messiah.  Whatever has drawn you to reading this book, whether Jew or Gentile, you will be blessed.  It highlights the thread woven through time of God keeping His promise to Abraham to bless all people of the earth through Him.  Praise be to Yeshua Hamashiach."

Rhonda Reinhardt

"Great flow and easy to read. Tremendously informative. Most certainly a book for reference and has reserved a spot for another reading. Full of Jewish culture, history, faith, and her own experience as a young Jew. 

Attention to the Old Testament account of Joseph was encouraging. For both the Jew and those who would claim the name of Christ, she obviously made it paramount to recognize the omnipotence of God to create time and events from Genesis through Revelation to illustrate His plan and promise of providing the only atoning sacrifice. Elaine did well to draw attention to the account and the many like it. From cover to cover, Scripture is Christ. 

Thank you for your commitment and faithfulness to be used of God. May your book create a thirst to know more of what God has done through Jesus, the Christ.

John Procek

"In Finding Jesus in Judaism, my very dear friend, Elaine Baughman gives us a Godly, accessible resource to build bridges of friendship and understanding as we share Jesus the Messiah.  Finding Jesus in Judaism points all of us from every background to the hope of the Gospel and the good news of God’s love and grace available to everyone.  Elaine’s own story gives a wonderful, first-hand background of discovery and joy."

Dr. J. Alan Branch

Professor of Christian Ethics, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Author


About Elaine Jacobs

Elaine grew up in a practicing Conservative Jewish home.  All her young life, she observed the feasts and Sabbath religiously, even celebrating a Bat Mitzvah. It wasn't until college that she began to feel unfulfilled in the Jewish traditions and practices of her childhood.  It was there she came face-to-face with Jesus, whom she had never heard about.  After much struggling and searching, she realized and accepted Jesus as Messiah, but not the Messiah she had been taught to look for as a child.  She wrestled with her Jewish background and where Jesus fit in. Through providential circumstances, she was taken on a journey that led her to the conclusion of her completeness as a Jew in Yeshua the Messiah! Read about Elaine's passion to share her Judaism with fellow believers.  

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